Difference Bеtwееn Kindle аnd Nook

If you are an enthusiast of eBooks and are aiming to buy a standalone eBook reader, then you have to understand the difference between Kindle and Nook. There are numerous such eReaders readily available in the market today, however these 2 are the gadgets that are at the top of the stack. If you want the very best attributes and best online book shops, then you can not look beyond the Kindle by Amazon or the Nook by Barnes & Noble.

The Nook
The original Nook was launched in November 2009 for $259. This gadget had a 6 inch screen, remarkable E-Ink screen, a smaller touchscreen on the bottom for navigational functions, and Wi-Fi and AT&T 3G connection. In June 2010, the price was decreased to $199 and a brand-new Wi-Fi just model was likewise launched for $149. In November 2010, the Nook Color was launched and this has gotten blended testimonials.

The Kindle
The Kindle was the original eBook reader, and it was launched in November 2007. The current model in the market is the Kindle 3 which was launched in August 2010, and you can also choose the Kindle DX which is made from a various product (graphite). The screen size is the same as the Nook (6 inches), however the navigation is accomplished with a keyboard on the bottom and not a touchscreen. The same E-Ink display is utilized right here also. The price of a Wi-Fi only Kindle 3 is $139, whereas the Wi-Fi + 3G model sells for $189. The cost of the gadget likewise plays an essential duty in figuring out which is better, Kindle or Nook.

Kindle vs Nook Comparison
The distinction is not simply restricted to physical appearance and hardware. The online stores likewise play a huge duty in determining the very best electronic book reader, and many individuals choose the Kindle due to the fact that it offers more choices in the online book shop. This is just because the gadget and the shop have actually been around longer. This by no means indicates that the book shop for the Nook is handicapped. Their shop is likewise exceptional since they are backed by the impressive and big collection of Barnes & Noble. Many people now prefer the Apple iPad to read Ebooks, however the main distinction is that an iPad can do so much more than display Ebooks.

The weight of the Kindle is lower (8.7 ounces vis-a-vis 12 ounces) than the Nook and this makes a difference when one has to hold the gadget for long times. It is also much thinner than the Nook and this makes a distinction for many people. The navigation is also better with genuine buttons, as the touchscreen of the Nook simply obstructs sometimes. The battery life is longer for the Kindle, and the eBooks are also readily available at a cheaper rate than for the Nook. There are numerous various other terrific functions like improved page turn rate, PDF support and text-to-speech too that make the Kindle a much better gadget.

The Nook vs Kindle contrast will be incomplete without speaking about the benefits of the Nook. The biggest benefit is the new color screen which makes the Nook more like a tablet COMPUTER than a standalone eReader. There are some people who do not choose this color. If you are a fan of touchscreens, the 3.5 inches navigational screen will attract you greatly. While the Kindle just has 2GB internal memory and no microSD card slot, the Nook does. So you can get an optimal memory of 18GB (2GB internal + 16GB microSD card). An additional difference is that the battery is replaceable and hot swappable in the Nook, however this is not the case in the Kindle. The Lend Me feature likewise enables pals to lend books to each various other for 14 days completely free.

After seeing this comparison of Kindle and Nook, you have to make your own decision after checking out the two gadgets physically. The Kindle is very high in need, so it is simpler and quicker to get your hands on the Nook, which has its own set of advantages. When you see the distinction and understand it, you can purchase the one much better suited for yourself, and take pleasure in the perks of a big digital eBook collection.